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Friend Connect

Setting Up:

(1) Print out Friend Connect set with blank cards (there will be 64 cards. the file is 33 pages long-- print page 1 separate, and print pages 2-33 on 2 sided paper.)

(2) Write in the names of your friends. These people should be known by at least 2/3rd of people playing. Start with people that everyone playing knows, including everyone that is playing the game!

(3) Cut out the cards.

(4) Shuffle the filled out cards.

(5) Deal 5 cards to everyone playing (if there are 3-5 players. If 6+, deal 4 cards to everyone playing.)

(6) Of the remaining cards, flip the top card and start a new pile for played cards. The rest of the cards remain face down to create a "draw pile".

Playing the game:

(1) Whoever knows the least amount of people in the deck goes first. If there is a dispute, then youngest goes first. Then the order goes clockwise.

(2) When it is your turn, you must look at the active card. If someone in your hand has a connection with that person, play that person on top of the current active person. The person you played becomes the new active person! If no one in your hand can be connected to the activeperson, then you must draw a card.

(3) The game ends when someone plays the last card in their hand.

What is an acceptable connection?

(1) People who have lived together

(2) People who have dated

(3) People who are good friends (could they spend 3+ hours together hanging out and not have it be awkward?)

(4) Did they share a unique life experience together? (i.e. travelled, ran a school club, etc.)

Contesting a play:

People like to win. That means, people will inevitably try to play someone's card with a connection everyone knows isn't good enough. In this instance, just say "Pshhhh yeah right" and then make them pick up the card they just played. If they argue for their card, hear them out. If they have a good case, maybe let it slide. Or don't! See how the flow of the game is going.


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