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Gryb is a 4-player local multiplayer game in which you compete against your friends to be the most recent person to change to a specific color (you change color via A B X and Y on an Xbox 360 Controller. Four controllers are required to play.)


When a round ends, whoever is on the same color as someone else has the potential to score points. If you were the person who changed to that color most recently, you score! Rounds are between 8 and 13 seconds long and there's no visible timer, so the end of a round sneaks up on you!


Gryb takes about 3-5 minutes to play, start-to-finish. It is a game designed to be engaging for long time gamers and new players growing accustom to having a controller in hand.


Gryb was featured at the videogame art gallery, Babycastles, in July of 2015.


Music by Stephan Adamów.

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